Are All Hypnosis Self- Hypnosis?

hypnosis 08Would you agree that all hypnosis methods are actually self-hypnosis? This is one of the most popular ideas of people that are skeptical about how this treatment works. They believe that since you are hiring a hypnotist or hypnotherapist to help place your mind in a state of concentration, you are basically hypnotizing yourself. The hypnotist merely serves as a facilitator to guide you as you place yourself in deep concentration.

However, practitioners and schools of hypnosis agree that a person may be able to place himself in a heightened state of consciousness even without the guidance of a practitioner. They also suggest that this state of consciousness may even be experience naturally such as when a person is daydreaming, when she indulges herself in a book or any reading material or movie and even when a person seems to be “spaced out.” During these times the person’s attention is focused only on a single image or space and this is when the mind is very vulnerable to hypnotic and positive suggestions.

Experiencing these “heightened” states of consciousness will not necessary help you lose weight, stop smoking or deal with phobias as effectively as you would with the help of a hypnotherapist however you may still try to use this in a regular basis and even as usual daily practice to get the best results.

Still the best way to start practicing self-hypnosis is to take a few lessons with a certified practitioner. He will be able to coach you on how to practice this treatment in the most efficient and effective manner. You will be able to learn techniques to easily place you in the state of consciousness and how to use suggestions in your daily practice. There are books, videos and audio tapes that you may use but take note of the creator or author first. He should be certified and experienced practitioner of hypnotherapy.